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My healing journey

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There is a voice inside which speaks and says, "This is the real me!"

– William James


Chakra Balancing and Energy Healing 500 hour program

Usui Reiki Levels 1, 2, Advanced and Master Training

Usui Holy Fire Karuna Reiki Master Training

Meta Reiki Training

Reiki Brain Balancing

Medical Reiki Master Certification

  Medical QiGong

  Bioridian Healing Techniques

  Red Lotus Practitioner Training

  Spiritual Encodement Energy Healing

  Craniosacral Therapy: Levels 1, 2 , Touching the Brain                                                               and The Brain Speaks

  Somato Emotional Release Levels 1 and 2

  Certified Emotion Code Practioner

  Rapid Transformation Therapy Certified Hypnotherapist

  Mary Pat began her own personal healing journey in 1988.  After a series of life events which took her to a dark time in her life filled with depression and despair, a light of hope was sparked.  She learned that she could not truly love others unless she first learned to love herself.  And so, the journey began and has continued ever since, healing from life's challenges: from self-loathing to self-love.

Mary Pat was first introduced to the concept of energy healing in 1996 as a student in the Physical Therapist Assistant program at Carroll Community College.  This peaked her interest and was another pivotal point in her life's path to continue studies in various forms of energy healing practices.

  Her transformation has only been possible by allowing others in to love her until she could love herself.  With the guidance and support of friendships, family and teachers through Al-Anon, spiritual direction, journaling, chakra balancing, crystal healing, essential oils, energy healing, shamanism, past life regression, qiGong, Reiki, soul coaching, channeling, yoga, work with emotion coding and spiritual encodement work, she has been able to find answers and truths that lay deep inside herself.

Amidst the uncovering of her higher self, she has been guided to assist others in their healing journeys, and has been doing so for over 20 years.

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