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Welcome to your healing space

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"What is your intention for your healing?"

Distance sessions

From the comfort of your home via phone, Google meeting or FaceTime, the essence of your etheric or energy body is called in and the session proceeds as if you were here in person.  Although it is not necessary to be connected electronically, clients have found it helpful to be able to dialog during the session.

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  Your healing session begins before you arrive. Mary Pat creates sacred space by clearing the room and her energy field with Reiki and spends time in meditation to prepare herself to be the clearest channel possible for you. Each session is unique to your personal needs and may incorporate any number of modalities in which Mary Pat has been trained.

  Your session begins with your stated intention, based on what you are hoping to achieve.  You will be invited to relax fully clothed on a massage table in this tranquil space while soft music is playing.  You may be guided in meditation.  Some sessions commence in silence as you drift into a healing trance state or off to sleep. Dialoging, essential oils and crystals may be incorporated.


Call, text or email to schedule an appointment:


"Within each of us lies the innate wisdom for wellness."

  At times we need the support of others to assist us in uncovering these truths.  Common intentions for working with Mary Pat include healing of physical, emotional, mental or spiritual pain or dis-ease which can result in stress reduction, finding inner peace and joy, relief of pain and suffering, a greater freedom to live your life in alignment with your higher purpose. She sees your innate potential, not lack.

*This work does not constitute medical or psychological treatment and in no way is a substitute for your regular medical care.  This work is a form of health and wellness facilitation.
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