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Self-care is an act of self-love

“Being a sceptic by nature and a scientist by training I was not so sure about Reiki, but when Mary Pat introduced it to me, all doubts evaporated. She has offered Reiki when I was dealing with acute pain after injury and then saw me for several years through difficult seasons of life. After every session, I feel tangibly better, lighter and more centered. Over time, I think, the effect is cumulative. Mary Pat is the kindest soul and a true healer. Patients and colleagues alike shared their stories about healing, meaningful changes and light that Reiki with Mary Pat has brought to their lives."

– Anna A.

"Mary Pat has had a significant impact on my spiritual path and healing.  She is a compassionate and intuitive healer with many gifts.  Mary Pat has offered deep insights and clarity as well as energy healing for my emotional and physical pain.  I am so grateful for her presence in my life!"

– Charyl B.

"I have a great deal of respect for Mary Pat. The way she talks to us is very calming, very quieting.  Through this breathing process she treats through the feet up through the spirit.  It's very uplifting."

– Lorenzo M.

"Since he's been doing meditation and Reiki, Lorenzo says he no longer worries about his heart condition as he did before."

– from "Focused On You", a MedStar publication

"I went to see Mary Pat Hulteng feeling basically skeptical but in so much pain that I was willing to try just about anything.  In addition, my sister-in-law, a physician, highly recommended her, so I felt it was a low risk!  I had been suffering intense foot pain which ice, heat and/or Advil did not reduce.  Mary Pat had an instantaneous calming effect on me which allowed me to relax during our one and only session. At the outset of our session, she asked me what my goal(s) were for it, to which I responded foot pain-relief. She had me remove my shoes which I could not do for the affected foot without crying out.  At the end of the session, I was able to put my shoe on with only a slight grimace.  Within a few hours following the appointment, I had only a slight hint of pain.  By the next morning, I was pain free!

     Mary Pat also did remote Reiki for a friend of mine who was placed on a ventilator due to COVID-19.  It was remarkable how in tune she was with his condition without knowing anything the doctors were telling his family and from Maryland when our friend was in Texas!  She knew when he was doing better and when he was doing worse.  After a week being on the ventilator, the doctors' reports were discouraging.  Out of the blue, Mary Pat texted us that our friend had more work to do but would be coming back to us soon.  She was right on the money because the next day, the doctor suddenly called and said that he was improving and they were going to start trying to take him off the ventilator.  It took one more day, but he was taken off the ventilator and has recovered and is home with his family!

If you are willing to give Reiki a chance,

I highly recommend Mary Pat Hulteng!

– Varda R.

"Mary Pat embodies the essence of a true healer.  With her gentle -yet strong presence,  she has been able to encourage the most vulnerable (and often hidden) energies within me to be either released or brought back in to harmonious flow in every session.  She is truly non-judgmental and emanates unconditional love.

– Lauren P.

"Mary Pat Hulteng is an amazing healer!!

She has a calming and warm yet professional demeanor, and she possesses an exceptional intuitive sense for what her clients need.  She works exceptionally well with medically ill clients, yet she also fabulous for those who just want a little more calm, peace or less anxiety in a sometimes tumultuous world.  After working with her both professionally and personally,  I have referred both patients and family members to her over the years.  The results they have achieved from her Reiki sessions have been truly remarkable and frequently life-changing.

Additionally, she has a deep understanding of the anatomy of the musculoskeletal system from her years working in a large physical therapy practice, which make her interventions for musculoskeletal pain even more effective.  If you have any interest at all in trying Reiki, Mary Pat is the practitioner to see!!

– Emily Ratner, MD

Past Founding Director, Center for Integrative Medicine, MedStar Montgomery Medical Center

Clinical Professor Emerita, Stanford
University School of Medicine

"This has been the most rewarding thing I have ever done for myself.  I have healed old wounds from childhood that I didn't realize I was carrying around.  I am calmer and more grounded than I have ever been.  I have learned how not to carry burdens and how to express my feelings in a positive manner.  I am a changed person for the better and I plan to continue with Reiki and Mary Pat as long as possible."

– Peggy F.

Grace and Gratitude

"Mary Pat’s hands-on and remote energy work has had a profound effect on eliminating my knee pain and neurological issues. Additionally, she has taught me energy and meditation techniques that has transformed the quality of my life.  She is a gifted healer who relies on traditional techniques from her background in Physical Therapy combined with expertise in energy work to promote a rehabilitative environment for body and spirit. I am deeply grateful for her treatments."

– C.K.

Ms. Hulteng is an amazing and gifted healer.  She is truly a hand of God.

– Adam R.
A friend sent me to Mary Pat in 2018 for a Reiki session shortly after the loss of my significant other.  I was nervous and didn't know what to expect, so much so that I almost didn't go.  To this day I'm so grateful that I did because it genuinely changed my life.  The moment I met Mary Pat I felt this sense of peacefulness that I hadn't experienced since my loss. I knew then that I was supposed to find her on my healing journey.  
Not only is she a kind and beautiful soul but an equally amazing healer, empath and Lightworker.  Her healing sessions have been so transformative in my life that they have inspired me to become a healer myself. I have taken my Reiki I, II, Advanced and Reiki Master training with her and her husband Lee.  I plan to continue my training with them in the future.

Since then, she has become a mentor and a dear friend.  I wouldn't be where I am today on my healing journey if it wasn't for Mary Pat.  I am so grateful she is part of my healing team.

– Colleen Kimberly Boersma

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