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Reiki literally translates as 'Universal Life Energy'.  It is a healing technique which originated in Japan for stress reduction and relaxation and can activate the natural healing process of the client's body, restoring physical and emotional wellness. Reiki classes follow the curriculum of the International Center for Reiki Training.

Usui Holy Fire III Reiki Level I and II Training

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Taught together in a 2 day class.  In this class you will:
  • learn the history of Reiki
  • receive placements for the energy and symbols of Reiki I and II
  • learn how to use Reiki on yourself, others and pets
  • practice self Reiki and Reiki for others
  • participate in a distance Reiki session
  • be introduced to chakras, use of crystals, pendulums and more...      
Saturday and Sunday, April 13th and 14th, 2024 
    9:30 to 5:30 each day   
Attendance both days is required.     
      Fee: $325.00  
      $50 will hold your space, with the balance due the first day          of class.
 Only 3 spots still available.                                                                                                 ,       

Usui Holy Fire III Reiki Master Training

Taught together in a 3 day class:  Pre-requisite Reiki I and II
at least 6 months prior to this class.  In this class you will:
  • learn Holy Fire, Advanced Reiki and Master symbols and receive ignitions and placements for these energies
  • be guided in advanced Reiki meditations
  • create a Reiki crystal grid
  • learn aura clearing and practice this technique
  • learn how to teach a Reiki class and conduct and hold the space for ignitions and placements.
  • give and receive Reiki sessions with classmates
  • receive a Holy Fire Healing Experience and more...
Saturday, March  16th, Sunday, March 17th and Sunday March 24th 2024
       Attendance all 3 days is required.
Fee: $425.00:  $50 deposit will save your space,  with the balance due the !st day of class.
Only 1 spot still available.

Usui Holy Fire III Karuna® Reiki Master Training

Taught in a 3 day class.  Pre-requisite Reiki Master training
at least 6 months prior to this class.  In this class you will:
  • learn the history of Holy Fire Karuna Reiki®
  • learn 8 Karuna Reiki symbols, the use of each symbol and receive placements for these energies
  • give and receive Reiki sessions with application of these symbols
  • learn toning and it's incorporation into a session
  • learn how to conduct ignitions and placements
  • be guided in meditation
Upcoming class planned for winter/spring  2024 
 Fee: $425.00
 Contact us if you are interested and we will set a date.
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Day of Healing

A day for friends, couples and/or family members to reconnect spiritually and energetically as you participate in guided meditation, hands-on activities for self discovery and to deepen your relationships with self and others.
Scheduled upon request.  No prior experience required.

Please contact us for details and to plan your personalized day of healing. 



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