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Mary Pat Hulteng

"It is my honor and privilege to assist you on your healing journey, uncovering the truths that lie within you.  This energy work may enable you to release dense energies, thought forms, trapped emotions and/or outdated beliefs which may be creating dis-ease within your body, mind or spirit.  As these energies are cleared, space is created so that you may be filled with higher vibration energies that have the potential to free you to discover your authentic self.
   Each session is customized to meet you where you are with non-judgement and compassion.  No two sessions are ever the same because we are ever changing." 

Energy healing practitioner

PTA, CMRM, CRLP, CECP,                                      CRTT, CHt

With my deepest gratitude,

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This work does not constitute medical or psychological treatment and in no way is a substitute for your regular medical care.  This work is a form of health and wellness facilitation.

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